Zombie Wedding, Invite the President, and Awesome Seating Charts

Zombie Wedding!

This is my first weekly round up of other wedding blogs here at Indie Wedding Guide. I’m going to try to stick to blogs that are considered “indie” and at some point I will post the list of blogs that I review on a regular basis. I should also note that this post is typically going to be completed on the weekend, but I decided to start it off mid week because I am a bit behind (due to a trip to NYC this past weekend) and I didn’t want you to miss the awesomeness that was the blog posts from last week.

Zombie Wedding

Now my girlfriend loves zombie movies and has been one for Halloween but I don’t think that she’d ever go for something like this Zombie Wedding from Offbeat Bride: Lisa & Kyle’s zombie apocalypse, punk-rock dance party wedding . It looks like it was an awesome party though.

The President is Free Most Saturday Nights So Why Not Invite Him To Your Wedding?

I never thought to invite VIPs to my wedding. Maybe I could invite some of my favourite band members when I get married just to freak them out. Anyways, I thought that it was interesting that the White House acutally sent a response: Inviting the VIPs: An Update! c/o Weddingbee

Really Awesome Seating Charts

These seating charts look really awesome although I know that I would never have the patience to put something like these together: Top 10: Seating charts + escort cards c/o Brooklyn Bride

I’d love it if you’d comment on these posts and include your favourite posts from the past week.

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