The Top Six Modern Wedding Favors

How often are you at a wedding when you just leave your favour behind? I know I’ve done it at least a couple times…

Almonds, mints, small glassware, or candles are boring. They’re the wedding favours of your parents generation. Give something modern and unique that your guests will actually be happy to take home.


If you like it spicy, you will absolutely die for this idea: HOT SAUCE! How cool is that? Your guests will think of your wedding every time they want to add a little kick to their food (click on the image for more info):


Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups have to be one of the greatest candies ever invited. C’mon chocolate AND peanut butter! These personalized likely won’t even make it home for most of your guests (click on the image for more info):


Hot chocolate is a simple and adorable gift to show you appreciate your family and friends for being apart of your big day. Also, the patterns and quotes on these ones in particular are almost too romantic (click on the image for more info):


Personalized lemonade packets are a great modern wedding favour, especially for summer weddings (click on the image for more info):


Tea is a modern and elegant favour. Check these out (click on the image for more info):


Little personalized honey pots are going to be one of the most modern and unique favours out there and we absolutely love them. Sweet and simple, these little jars would be great for a summer wedding, but heck who are we kidding, honey is great any time of the year (click on the image for more info):

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