7 Environmentally Friendly Save the Dates

Now let’s be honest. The most environmentally friendly way to throw your wedding is not to have one. Since that’s a ridiculous idea, you might as well make some choices that benefit the environment along the way.

Eco-Friendly Save the Dates

The second most environmentally friendly thing that you could do for saving the date (other than not sending them and having a whole whack of your friends and family not attend) is to send save the date emails. There are a few options that you have, with the easiest being just sending a basic email to all of your friends. However, there is the option of sending save the date e-cards to your guests.

Green Save the Date Cards

Okay, so you don’t want to just send emails (because that is kind of lame) but you want to represent for good ol’ Mother Earth with some eco-chic save the dates. Well, we’ve found an amazing option for you. Paper Culture is THE best company for environmentally friendly stationary. Here are the just some of the reasons that you will feel amazing about your selection of Save the Date vendors:

Paper Culture plants a tree in your honor for every order (WHAT!!!???)
– All cards, envelopes and packing is 100% post consumer recycled material (AMAZING!)
– the cards look amazing (printed on 130lb paper for you stationary lovers)

Now, I know that this sounds amazing but there is one other (and we think even better) reason to buy from Paper Culture. They offer a FREE Mail & Addressing Service. Just in case you didn’t read that THEY OFFER A FREE MAIL & ADDRESSING SERVICE (you just pay for postage, which you’d do anyways). This will save you a major hand cramp and hours of writing.

Okay, so now that your convinced that Paper Culture is the company to buy your save the dates from, why don’t you check out some of favourites below:

This faux burlap save the date is fantastic (click the image to learn more):

This a super modern, super cute 100% recycled paper save the date (click the image to learn more):

We love this faux wood carving save the date. It is just so sweet and organic (click the image to learn more):

If you’re looking for a vintage feel then this save the date is for you (click the image to learn more):

Love is in the air, or at least on this card (click the image to learn more):

What a cute and modern engagement ring save the date (click the image to learn more):

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