3 Splendid Peacock Wedding Invitations

Peacocks are a beautiful bird and if you happen to be looking to represent at your wedding with all of those wonderful blues, purples and greens then why not go with a peacock wedding invite? Just a note that peacock wedding invitations can range from slightly subtle to extravagant. The extravagent invites will include an actual peacock feather and the more moderate will just include pictures of peacock feathers.

If you’re looking for the very extravagant, feather included peacock wedding invitations, then you should check out Vintage Invites. They have a fantastic selection of peacock themed wedding invites that you’ll love. Just a note though that the invites with the feathers cost around $6/invite when all is said and done.

If you’re not looking to spend quite that much on your invites then check out these wonderful peacock themed invites (sorry there isn’t more, but these are the only other ones that we found on the web that we really liked).

This peacock wedding invitation has a classic and more formal style (click on the image for more information):

The feather on this invitation is absolutely stunning (click on the image for more information):

This peacock wedding invite is the most contemporary of the three and perfect for the bride who loves purple (click on the image for more information):

If you didn’t find a perfect wedding invitation for you, then you might want to check out our list of our favourite elegant wedding invitations.

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