Our Eight Favourite Summer Wedding Favors

Here at Indie Wedding Guide, we rushed to get you this list together before your summer wedding. Now you can provide your guests with a unique summer touch (instead of another bag of Jordan almonds ahhhhh).

These summer wedding favours also double as a great shower gift if you’re not sure what to get the special ladies that’ll be at your pre-wedding party.


Here at Indie Wedding guide we love summer weddings and summer cocktails 😉

If you like the cocktail drink mix but would rather opt for a virgin option, you can offer personalized lemonade mixes. How cute are these? (click on the image for more info):


We love the symbolism for a wedding about growing something beautiful from a tiny little seed, it’s just so romantic. These personalized seed packs are great for showers or weddings, with simple instructions on the back (click on the image for more info):


We love the idea of personalized golf balls and tees as a summer wedding favour, especially for resort destination weddings. Your guests will likely make use of them that week (click on the image for more info):


These romantic seed cards would be a great addition to any shower or wedding, just rip them up and plant them just under the soil. A simple and elegant gift (click on the image for more info):


We love the soil cards so much we had to include another in a different style. Your welcome 😉 (click on the image for more info):


How adorable are these little seed boxes for a summer wedding favour? The cute little flowers on top will let them know exactly what they’re planting but it doesn’t matter too much, they’re all lovely 🙂 (click on the image for more info):


Who doesn’t love cooking with fresh herbs? You’re guests will adore these little pots of herbs, since the hard work of growing them from seeds has been done for them. All they have to do is replant when they get home and wait a few weeks. They’ll be thinking of you whenever they enjoy a fresh summer meal (click on the image for more info):


We couldn’t resist throwing one more drink mix on this summer wedding favours post, lemonade is just the quintessential summer drink! These small packs have cute patterns, come personalized and are easy for your guests to take home at the end of the night (click on the image for more info):
Personalized Lemonade Drink Mix Favor (Many Designs Available)

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