Target Acquired : Finding Love in a Parking Lot

Cindy and Russ’s engagement photo session looked like a total blast. Why did they choose a Target parking lot for their engagement photo session? Turns out there’s a great story behind it. IndieWeddingGuide will turn it over to Fresno, California photographers DC Photo who can tell the story best:

Target parking lot engagement photo

People like to say love is funny, but I prefer the idea of love having a sense of humor. Sometimes two people who are meant to be together struggle and search, overcoming obstacles and never giving up hope until one day they finally meet the person that compliments them perfectly, ending their quest for true love.

And then there are couples like Cindy and Russ.

Fun Target parking lot engagement pics

In defiance of all relational logic, these two met by chance in the parking lot of a Target.


You read that right.

Russ is strolling through the lot and he spies a beautiful young lady sitting in her car. Sensing an opportunity but not wanting to be creepy, Russ scribbles silly note and his phone number on a piece of paper and leaves it on her windshield.

And what does Cindy do? Does she appreciate the compliment and then throw the note away? Does she get offended and vow to boycott Target? Does she sell her car and change cities?

Nope. Cindy calls the guy.

And you know what? Turns out she likes him.

parking lot engagement session

If that’s not the script of the next big romcom I don’t know what is. To top it off? He likes her too.

They fall in love. And yes, they are getting married.

And that is the real joy here. Love doesn’t have to make sense. Love doesn’t have to be planned; in fact most agree love’s better when it’s not. Love can be wild and spontaneous and free. Sometimes Mr. Right is the nice guy you’ve known your whole life, and sometimes he’s some rando leaving a note on your windshield. Either way, love is a story, and Scott and I love being there to capture it.



target parking lot engagement session

Thanks for sending in the awesome photos and a great story too DC Photo!

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