8 Breathtaking Winery Wedding Invitations

Getting married at a vineyard can be simply devine.

Fantastic wine, amazing food and rolling hills of grape vines can make wineries the perfect place for a wedding.

A couple of ideas if you’re going to be having your wedding at a vineyard:

  • You should consider chartering a bus for guests, as most wineries are far away from accommodations and it will be difficult for them to get home
  • If you want entertainment, you should make sure that you know of any time restrictions on how late they can go until. I once attended a wedding at a winery where the music had turned off at 10:30pm. It really ruined the party.
  • Offer mini bottles of wine from the vineyard as your favors

Below you’ll find our favorite winery wedding invitations:

This wonderful winery invitation will give your guests a preview of your wedding’s beautiful views (click on the image for more information):
Winery Wedding Invitations

Here’s a super cute wine themed invitation. If you want your wedding to be relaxed and fun, then start off the event right with these invitations (click the image for more information):
Cute Wine Wedding Invitations

This invitation is a little more formal but still has enough charm to be appropriate for a vineyard wedding (click on the image for more information):
formal Vineyard Wedding Invitations

These wine barrel wedding invitations are sophisticated, but still charming. If you’re looking for a unique vineyard wedding invitation then this circle cut option is what you should go for (click on the image for more information):
unique Vineyard Wedding Invitations

Looking for a vintage winery wedding invitation? The faux-aged coloring of this invitation will be perfect for you (click on the image for more information):
vintage Vineyard Wedding Invitations

Here is a beautiful and sophisticated vineyard wedding invitation (click on the image for more information):
Vineyard Wedding Invitations

Here’s a formal thermography vineyard wedding invitation that we know you’ll love (click on the image for more information):
Winery Wedding Invitations

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