Save the Date Videos (Stupendous!)

Wow. There are some talented people in this world.

Honestly, I don’t have the time or abilities to put together a cute video of my puppy sleeping, let alone an awesome save the date video. But since your here, I’m guessing that you do. These videos are the best save the date videos that we could find on the web so check it.

If you’re here because you just like watching wedding related movies and you don’t want to make your own save the date video, then check out our: Ultimate Save the Date Guide for card, magnet and other save the date ideas.

Fantastic Action Movie Trailer Save the Date:

If you’re a Wes Anderson fan then you’ll love this save the date:

This one didn’t require quite as much effort but still gets the job done:

Stop motion, but doable with very few props:

Lastly, you could go the post-it note save the date video route (you could be the 3rd ever as I only found 2 others!):

Peep this link for a KOWABUNGA!!! inducing animated save the date: The Coolest Animated Save the Date Video.

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