6 Devine Destination Wedding Invitations

air mail wedding invitationLucky you!

You get to go away for your wedding while I sit through some sort of terrible weather.

What better way to let your guests know about your pending nuptials than to send out destination themed wedding invitations?

Now, if you’re getting married on a beach, you may want to check out our favorite beach themed wedding invitations.

However, if you’re getting married in some far off land that doesn’t have sand and surf nearby, then check out our favorite wedding invitations for a destination wedding below.

How about this exquisite vintage ticket wedding invitation? (click the image if you’d like more info):

vintage plane ticket wedding invitation

I think that this destination wedding invitation is amazing. Charming, descriptive and easy on the eye (click the image if you’d like more info):
charming destination wedding invitation

If you’re getting married on a resort far away from home, then this whimsical and modern destination wedding invitation will be perfect (click the image if you’d like more info):
whimsical destination wedding invitation

What an endearing little destination wedding invitation this is (click the image if you’d like more info):
destination wedding invitation

This air mail invitation for your wedding looks like a first class mail postcard. It is just as delightful as the air mail wedding invitation at the top of the page (click the image if you’d like more info on this invitation):
Air Mail Postcard Wedding Invitations

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