7 Fun Candy Wedding Favors

If you love candy as much as we do here at Indie Wedding Guide, you’ll surely want to include some at your wedding. Whether you want to do a candy buffet (which we strongly encourage!) or want individual treats at each plate, we’ve got some great ideas for you. Check out our top seven picks for candy wedding favors.
For a unique candy wedding favor option, check out these Mini Classic Gumball Machines. (view info)
unique candy wedding favor option

This little snowflake box doesn’t come with any candy so you can fill it with your own favorites. Adorable for a winter wedding. (view info)
candy buffet box

Mints make a great candy wedding favor because your guests can make use of them that night, right after dinner! Fill up these custom printed candy tins with some mints, or maybe some M&M’s? (view info)
custom printed candy container

Provided you don’t have a peanut allergy, I think there’s not a single guest that wouldn’t love a Reese Cup candy wedding favor. (view info)
reeses wedding favor

These personalized Smarties are so adorable and the colors can be customized to match your wedding decor. (view info)

If you’d like to include candy but you’d rather have a candy buffet and let guests make their own selection, check out these cute personalized candy bags.(view info)
bags for candy buffet wedding

These personalized Hersheys miniatures will satisfy your guests sweet tooth and add an elegant touch to your wedding tables. (view info)
wedding candy favors hersheys

The 11 Most Unique Food Wedding Favors

Here at Indie Wedding Guide we love all things delicious, which I think we’ve mentioned a few times before ūüėČ This is why we love the new food wedding favor options available, cupcakes, honey, caramel corn, hot sauce, to name a few.

Your guests will go crazy for these delicious treats and they’ll be more than happy to take them home at the end of the night. We didn’t include any candy favors because we made a whole different post for those goodies here.

Honey is such a sweet idea and has real meaning for a new marriage. In early Greece and Rome honey symbolized fertility, love, and beauty. What a great message for your wedding attendees (click on the image below for more infomation): 
honey food wedding favor


We liked the honey idea so much, we thought we’d offer you another choice for design. The little rustic bumblebee charm is just such a cute touch¬†(click on the image below for more infomation):¬†


Give your guests a little packet of homemade treats for later and they’ll love you for it!¬†These personalized muffin mixes make¬†marvellous¬†wedding or bridal shower favors and they come with a mini-whisk¬†(click on the image below for more infomation):¬†


Fortune cookies are an adorable and popular choice, with tonnes of sprinkle and personalization options (click on the image below for more infomation): 


One of the most unique (and delicious looking) food wedding favor options available is caramel corn. Great for the shower or wedding and if you decide to offer these to your guests, can we come? (click on the image below for more infomation): 


Hot sauce is great for BBQ themed shower or wedding. It’ll let everyone know just how sizzlin’ your love is with a¬†prized bottle of “five pepper” hot sauce ¬†¬†(click on the image below for more infomation):¬†


Your guests will be able to enjoy your wedding after the actual day with these personalized wedding cupcake mixes. They make pretty additions to your place settings and come in vanilla or chocolate (click on the image below for more infomation): 


We just had to show another cupcake option. This gourmet cupcake baking mix is such a cool idea because who doesn’t like cupcakes?? Great as a wedding favor or bridal shower gift at a cooking-themed shower. You can get the mixes in¬†chocolate, vanilla and champagne¬†(click on the image below for more infomation):¬†

These poker and gaming themed cookies are perfect wedding favors for your wedding or bachelorette party in Las Vegas (click on the image below for more infomation): 


This personalized maple syrup wedding favor is a¬†sweet touch if you’re celebrating your special occasion in the fall.¬†Each glass bottle contains a 100% pure Vermont maple syrup¬†(click on the image below for more infomation):¬†

For a personal and homemade touch at your wedding, check out this Sweetie Pie DIY Wrapping Kit. The kit includes the boxes, tags, wax sheets and twine so you can fill them up with your favorite, homemade miniature pies (click on the image below for more infomation): 

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