Carnivale Inspired Pop-Up Wedding

Carnivale Inspired Elopement

IndieWeddingGuide readers, meet Kristi from This Love Vintage. Let’s turn it over to Kristi to tell us about this totally rad Carnivale Inspired Pop-Up Wedding.

“When Brittany Murphy and Ashley Hollingshad, the dream team at Tulsa’s crazy-hip pop-up wedding service Hitched Wedding Co.. , approached me about a carnival-inspired collaboration with This Love Vintage This for Jennifer and Gary, my heart swooned. My thoughts immediately went to my obsession for HBO’s short-lived but deliciously artistic Carnivle, an achingly beautiful piece of small screen confection that followed a traveling carnival troupe through the Dust Bowl during the Great Depression.

Whimsy Hollow, the venue and family estate This Love Vintage calls home, provided the perfect setting for a wedding inspired by a family of traveling vaudevillians camped out on the Great Plains with its open, golden fields.

For our color palette, we softened the requisite rich black, red, and jewel tones of carnival life with earthy, bohemian shades of warm, rich burgundies and creams.



The styling for this shoot was heavily inspired by my own festival experiences, glamping under the stars on a sultry summer night.

At the heart of the backdrop is a lavish, fabric-layered tent inspired by the vardos of traveling carnivals, flanked by a gorgeous, faded vintage sofa and a collection of well-loved leather luggage and steamer trunks, decadent fabrics, and vintage smalls.


Hand-dyed fabric strips wrapped around juggling balls, hula hoops, and other details added to the faded sweetness of the look.


tulsa gypsy carnivale wedding inspirations

Makeup artist Kelly Stair artfully invoked the spirit of the vaudevillian-era carnival extraordinaire in a palette of smoke and dazzling reds, from the rosy-cheeked young ladies to our harlequin-and-burlesque bride. This departure from the oft-used muted pastel bridal look retained the natural sensuality and softness, imbuing it with a sultry, burlesque edge.


Adding an updated period chignon, Amber Huggins tied the look together with vintage grace and charm for our variety-show eye candy bride.

Our groom’s well-tended beard paired perfectly with his simple but dapper crisp white shirt and suspenders for a look to easily rival showmen of days gone by.


The satin and lace details in our very rock-and-roll bride’s delicious black true vintage gown and her ankle boots are reminiscent of glamorous 1930s evening looks. Jennifer also appears in a red corset over a black sheer, knee-length skirt as an adult answer to the young girls’ festive tulle skirts.



For the small guest count of a pop-up wedding, a large cake needn’t be requisite. We found that gourmet cupcakes showered generously in edible glitter were the perfect alternative for our anything but traditional pair.

edible glitter cupcakes

cupcakes with sparklers

Sparklers are all but ubiquitous these days in weddings, but for a carnival-inspired wedding, they were a perfect final, glittering touch for the offbeat, romantic energy of the shoot.”

kristi, this love vintage



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