9 Super Fun Wedding Invites

Are you and your significant other so excited for the ceremony but also can’t wait for the party afterwards? Are you guys well versed in the categories of party-throwing and good times?

If you’re looking for wedding invitations to let everyone know you two are the king and queen of fun, we have we got the invites for you. These 9 wedding invitations will definitely let all your invitees know that you’re special day (and night) are going to be off the hook…


This wave-themed invite looks super cool and it’ll make  a great choice if you’re having your ceremony or reception down by the water (click on the image for more info):
Fun beach wedding invitation

Are you and your SO big fans of going to concerts? If yes, than this would be the perfect invite for you two with it’s mock ticket motif (click on the image for more info):
Fun ticket wedding invitation

This super fun wedding invitation has a storybook theme, great if you’re looking for invites that are a combo of romantic and fun (click on the image for more info):

fun storybook wedding invitation


We at Indie Wedding Guide absolutely adore this simple and mushy gushy invite. It has a great modern and unique touch to it (click on the image for more info):

fun wedding invitation


Could this invite be any more fun? Especially great for teachers but adorable for anyone (click on the image for more info):
Fun Love Grade Wedding Invitations

This fun wedding invitation is great for any pair of urban cyclists. We love the font and tandem bike drawing (click on the image for more info):
fun tandem bike wedding invitation


Here at Indie Wedding Guide, we love cyclists so we couldn’t resist a second bicycle themed invite for this post. A different feel than the first, this one is a little more lovey-dovey (click on the image for more info):


This invite made the fun wedding invitation list because of  its simple and colorful design, (click on the image for more info):


Last on the list of fun wedding invitations, we love this unique and artsy design (click on the image for more info):
fun words wedding invitation

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